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that’s sweet


You're beautiful!

aaw thank you!!


what are ur summer plans? :)

I’m sorry I haven’t got round to answering my asks, I’ve been all over the place! First I was in Ikaria with 13 friends which is a beautiful greek island, then I went to Italy with my boyfriend; we visited Venice, Florence, Rome and Capri I CANNOT FATHOM THE BEAUTY OF THIS TRIP my heart jumps when I think of the moments, the adventures, the culture, the art, nature- we saw everything we went everywhere, my ribcage will literally crack open cause I can’t even grasp what we went through.. Tonight I’m traveling to Mytilini (greek island) where we’ll be staying at a friend’s house with five girlfriends and then I’m off to Kefalonia (another greek island where I’m from) with family, then all my bestest friends and my bf will be coming over for a few days (and my 18th yay). There’s more but I’ll put and end to it here haha.

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